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Mobile Forex

Mobile Forex is a project in co-operation with the most respectful and established Forex dealing center of Eastern Europe (Forex EuroClub). It was launched on 13.06.2007 and already has more than 13000 subscribers. INT Corporation and Aurus Group are the developers and co-publishers of the freeware Mobile Forex world-wide.

B2B affiliated program for all WWW/WAP and digital distribution channels allows capitalisation on the hottest synergy of mobile and e-trading industries. End customers receive free software and data feeds from Forex and can make a deal from a cell phone. As for B2B partners, we provide everything F.O.C. (promo-materials, instructions, software, document and design templates, RSS feeds, etc). Create your own client base of Forex users by distributing your version. This will generate commission revenue from their operation fees. Information security and finance guarantees are high as Russian Telcos verified. We're proud to announce Megafon and Playfon deals with more coming soon.

Mobile ForexKey Features:

  • Secure online trading via FOREX dealing center
  • User money/data security and confidentiality
  • Training mode (demo-account)
  • Leverage deals with currencies
  • Up-to-sec accurate online quotes
  • Graphic and Technical analysis: embedded charts and trade indicators
  • Result pre-calculation
  • History of stock-exchange deals
  • Documents registry (in Russian) (B2B program).

About INT Corporation

INT is proudly owned Russian company specialized in publishing, digital distribution, entertainment and information development in wireless industry. Our long-term strategy is based on close relations with the main networks and distribution partners in Russia and world-wide; Our own digital distribution solution “GameFun” for all types of digital content, and high quality, keen production resources from all over former USSR. We manage directly out of Moscow using western standards to ensure delivery on time and for any budget by all means. For more information visit

News Line

On June 21st to 22nd, 2006 the Second Yearly Business Forum and Conference "Mobile Content 2006" took place.


On April 20th to 21st, 2006 Sun Microsystems held the Sun Tech Days conference in Moscow.


On April 7th to 9th, 2006 in the "Kosmos" hotel in Moscow the fourth international game developer conference KRI-2006 took place.


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