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On April, 7th to 9th, in the "Kosmos" hotel in Moscow the fourth international game developer conference KRI-2006 took place. An unique opportunity was given to all visitors: to get to know more about the new game projects, to listen to lections of the first persons of Russian and foreign game industry, as well as to talk with delegates of the well-known publishers and developers of Russia and other countries.

The INT (Intelligent Network Technologies) company presented at KRI-2006 its main activity directions: Java game development for mobile devices and the game portal for direct game sales GameFun.Ru.

The INT company used at KRI-2006 the opportunity to meet the leaders of the Russian game industry. We publish some excerpts of these meetings below.

Nival Interactive

Serge Orlovski (at the right) and Vladimir Mamut Please tell us about your impressions of KRI-2006. Were you able to reach the goals you have set?

 To begin with, we haven't set any definite, specific goals for KRI, our main goal is communication, which we had in abundance here at KRI-2006. Nevertheless, the Nival Interactive specialists have done a great job. We exchanged experience, demonstrated our views on the market and its tendencies, as well as defined the main directions of our further development. As for how the exhibition was organized, we can definitely affirm: it is getting more and more professional year by year and gains attention of a greater number of participants. We would like to thank the organizers for that.

 Which advice can you give to the new, young and growing developing companies?

 Above all, I advise them to address themselves to what they are the best at. They must search for and find directions in which there are still no large players, and in which they can see their powers and feel comfortable. Otherwise they will be up against hard competition with large companies. It is a difficult time for the game industry right now, which is connected in the first line with the jump over to the third generation consoles, and the young developers feel the negative effect of that first of all. They must seek a possibility of cooperation with other players and, of course, cooperate with reliable partners. In particular, Nival Interactive is headed towards active cooperation in 2006, and this is a perfect promotion opportunity for young companies.

Oleg Klapovski (at the right) and Vladimir Mamut OLEG KLAPOVSKI. Akella mobile director

 Please tell us about your impressions of KRI-2006. Were you able to reach the goals you have set?

 This is a great exhibition, it becomes better and better year by year, more and more new teams and projects appear, which will be valued deservedly. As for our goals, everything goes as planned now.

 What do you think about the further development of this exhibition?

 It is difficult to tell anything about the whole exhibition, but for our company it is, above all, the perfect possibility to show our projects, tell about them not only to the end users, but also to our fellow developer companies and publishers. So we will support this exhibition all the time it will exist.

Yan Udras (at the right) and Vladimir MamutNIKITA
YAN UDRAS. PR and Advertisement Department Leader

 Please tell us about your impressions of KRI-2006. Were you able to reach the goals you have set?

 This is a remarkable exhibition that gives a possibility of communication with all the game industry players. KRI means always "new relationships", "new thoughts" and "new cooperation forms".
We presented our projects and received a positive estimation of our activities. Alltogether, we are happy and wish the organizers a further development.

INT (Intelligent Network Technologies)

 The INT company demonstrated at KRI-2006 its active position and understanding of the mobile conent market.
The conference participants were demonstrated our work results in two main directions: Java games development and the GameFun.Ru promotion channel.
INT presented its new mobile games "Bon Appetit II" and "Mars Mission 2046", as well as prototypes of the games "The Girls", "Aids Stop".
INT received the possibility to discuss the cooperation opportunities with publishers and developers, to offer its services as a reliable and experienced partner, and its channel of promotion and digital distribution of games.
INT wishes the KRI-2006 organizers the further growth, prosperity and achievement of the goals they set.

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On April 7th to 9th, 2006 in the "Kosmos" hotel in Moscow the fourth international game developer conference KRI-2006 took place.


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