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Artemka's Adventures

Artemka.Ru LogoPlayfon Logo The project "Artemka's Adventures" was made in cooperation with Playfon company and portal.

Game Description

Animated trailer for Artemka's AdventuresIn the near future, a group of Russian scientists discovered a new type of bio-rays, which they called ZR-X (Zombi-Rays X). These rays allow to transmit any information or order directly to one's brain; this would make possible for humans to learn anything in a moment, without long studying and home work! Though it's a pity that children under 13 aren't succeptible to the rays... But this great discovery can be also used as a weapon, which would allow to conquer the whole world! So thought a crafty American general Jack. Using deception and a small army, he managed to steal the system emitting the ZR-X during its tests in an Australian desert. The villain used it instantly, and everyone near him turned to zombis, people and animals equally. Only a boy under 13 could approach Jack and render the system harmless; any other person would become slaves of the evil general, which was called Dr. Evil for his brutality.

Russian special services choose Artemka for this important mission from a thousand of contenders. He travels to Australia, being led by a wise Professor and his best girlfriend. There he must neutralize Dr. Evil and free the people and animals. It's a long and dangerous adventure. Artemka will have to meet many enemies, but fortunately, he has friends and a powerful weapon that the special services gave to him!

News Line

On June 21st to 22nd, 2006 the Second Yearly Business Forum and Conference "Mobile Content 2006" took place.


On April 20th to 21st, 2006 Sun Microsystems held the Sun Tech Days conference in Moscow.


On April 7th to 9th, 2006 in the "Kosmos" hotel in Moscow the fourth international game developer conference KRI-2006 took place.


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