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On April, 20th to 21th, 2006, Sun Microsystems held the Sun Tech Days conference in Moscow.

There were technology sessions, master classes as well as the private meeting with the IT industry leaders of Russia in the context of the panel discussion with James Gosling.

"My goal is to make Sun's tools the best, most advanced, and most interesting out there."

James Gosling,
Vice President and Sun Fellow, Sun Microsystems


James Gosling, Vice President and Sun Fellow, Sun Microsystems is widely known as the "father" of the Java programming language and ideologist of the whole platform.

James Gosling, while creating the Java language, could not imagine the expansion scale that the Java technology platform will have worldwide (Detailed informations here).

This is how the Java technology is used today:

  • 750 million Java desktops
  • 1.45 billion smart cards
  • 1 billion Java-enabled phones
  • The software that powers the Mars Rover
  • 4.5 million Java developers
  • 990 Java Community Process members
  • 180 commercial licensees
Vladimir Mamut and James Gosling Vladimir Mamut and James Gosling
James Gosling, Vice President and Sun Fellow, Sun Microsystems (at the right);
Vladimir Mamut, INT CEO (Sun Certified Developer, Sun Certified Programmer for the JAVA 2 platform). Click the image to enlarge.

The discussion showed the following global problem:

There is 1 billion of mobile phones in the world with Java support (J2ME specification), but not all mobile phone manufacturers are strictly following the specification and standards of the language. This leads to the fact that errors of incompatibility with the open language standards arise when a Java application is being ported to different mobile phone models. The developers have to adapt the application code for the specific devices as a result.

The phone manufacturers undergo a private testing for specification compliance when the new device models are released into the market. This can result in a release of the phones that are not compliant with the Java language requirements. The INT (Intelligent Network Technologies) company initiated the creation of J2ME developers of Russia and CIS community that will undertake the creation of the mobile device errors database.

We invite you to support our initiative and join INT (Intelligent Network Technologies)!

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On April 20th to 21st, 2006 Sun Microsystems held the Sun Tech Days conference in Moscow.


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