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Mobile Forex B2B Partnership Program

Mobile Forex B2B Partnership Program of INT Corp. is an unique business opportunity that combines earning power of FOREX market and penetration rates of mobile industry. Strike the money!

We offer:

  1. Quick access to the B2B Program and self-start. All you need is to register online.
    We regret, but registration is available for Russian partners only yet. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact
    INT Corp. (Russia):
    Aurus Group (Australia):
  2. Possibility to engage your own affilates and represantatives and build a profitable partner network.
  3. Full control over your income by means of Online Sale Stats in real-time mode.
  4. Finance guarantees of the leading dealing center of Eastern Europe, Forex EuroClub.
  5. High interest rates: Every partner of B2B program receives percentage from commission on accounts of clients they engaged.

How does it work?

The business model is built upon free proposal to B2B partners and free solution for end customers – mobile application for their mobile phones, Mobile Forex.

With Mobile Forex, users can freely access the stock-exchange information, any time, any place, freely open accounts, freely participate in weekly contests with cash prizes, and make real Forex deals directly from their cell phone with one thumb push. B2B partners also receive everything for free.

In this way, Mobile Forex is an effective METHOD OF CLIENTS ENGAGEMENT to the Forex trade.

Every partner of Mobile Forex B2B Program receives percentage from commission on accounts of clients they engaged.

>> NEW! Please take a look at B2B Program “Questions and Answers” (FAQ), which we have prepared after analysing your inquiries and questions.

What does Partner get?

Every registered Partner of B2B program receives for FREE:

  • Unique Promo-code and all versions of Mobile Forex software with his Promo-code, specially generated for him (her). Mobile Forex is available for more than 300 phone models. The Promo-code is embedded in both files of each version of the application (jar and jad).
  • Continual 24/7 customer support and service of end users who installed Partner's version. Leading European dealing center (Forex EuroClub) provides the support.
  • Sales-support from INT Corp. and Forex EuroClub (see chapter “Every new end customer receives:”).
  • Packages of text and graphical promo-materials that may help setting up your WEB and WAP sites.
  • Access to the online statistics of the dealing center, where you can see how many accounts (demo, contest or real) have your clients opened, and what is your total earning.
  • Finance guarantees of the most respectful and established Forex dealing center of Eastern Europe (Forex EuroClub).

What should I do?

Your goal is to provide most effective distribution of Mobile Forex, and the clients you engaged will bring you revenues yet tomorrow!

Project profitableness or How much will I earn?

Dealing center statistics show that:

  • 15 percent of the new clients who have opened a demo account, become regular customers.
  • Average sum client adds to his account per month equals 200 USD.
  • Average commission from one client per month equals 23 USD.
  • Number of your clients = X * 15%,
    where X – number of people who installed Mobile Forex with your Promo-code = number of downloads of Mobile Forex application from your resources.
  • Average Partner's reward in the Mobile Forex B2B Partnership Program – 50%.
  • Your minimal profitableness: 50% * X * 15%* 23 USD per month.

There are 2+ billions subscribers of mobile networks globally. Let's imagine your profitableness in a case of 0.1% coverage of all these users...

What are you good for? – Estimate your X!

What are the guarantees?

  1. The solution is being maintained by the leading Forex dealing center of Eastern Europe, Forex EuroClub, which is working in the Forex market since 1999. All client accounting operations and partner payouts are 100% guaranteed.
  2. INT Corporation (Russia) is a developer and right holder in Russia, Aurus Group (Australia) is the right holder of the Mobile Forex solution globally. INT Corporation supports and improves the Mobile Forex project, provides free updates, and continually releases new versions for new phones.
  3. Real-time online statistics allows to maintain full control over operations of the clients you engaged.
  4. Partners bear no financial risks, their only task is to provide widest distribution of Mobile Forex.
  5. The commission fees are yours for life. Revenue sharing has no time limits. The offer is actual while the clients use accounts they registered and handle deals. Even if a partner abandons the program at any stage, the clients he engaged remain to be his interest.
  6. As a partner, you receive software, documentation and promo-materials for free.
  7. Mobile Forex solution works regardless to place, network or time. User should be in the range of mobile network and have switched on GPRS connection.
  8. Information security and finance guarantees are high as Russian Telcos verified. We're proud to announce Megafon and Playfon deals with more coming soon.

How the authentication of end user happens?

Mobile Forex allows to authenticate a client engaged by a partner via Promo-codes, embedded in the software. A Promo-code is a code that is assigned to a partner during registration in the program.

When client registers an account, his copy of Mobile Forex application sends the partner's Promo-code, and the authentication of a client happens, whom the partner has engaged.

About Mobile Forex software

Mobile Forex is an unique software, having unparalleled functionality.

The software is available for more than 330 models of mobile phones, which cover 80 percent of the market!

Mobile Forex solution works regardless to place, network or time. User should be in the range of mobile network and have switched on GPRS connection.

Project positioning

Mobile Forex is an unique possibility to be even more mobile and get a free access to stock-exchange information. It's a chance to become really mobile trader and make your deals directly from a mobile phone.

Every new customer receives:

  • Free software for their cell phone.
  • An account in the Forex stock-exhange market, which is guaranteed by the leading Forex dealing center (accounts are opened for free).
  • Free access to news, experts and technical analysis of finance markets in real time forever.
  • Every user who opened a contest demo account via Mobile Forex, receives 100 USD to this account.
  • Taking part in the weekly trader contest (if registered). One may participate in the contest without opening a real account, it is enough to have a demo account and deal with “virtual funds”. The winner receives one time real 240 USD.

Fuds withdrawal and remittance

For B2B Partners

INT Corp. (Russia) or Aurus Group (Australia) transfer the commission funds by clearing, or otherways, as stated in the Partnership contract.

For end users

Remittance and withdrawal of funds from/to client's account are done according to the Rules of Procedure of dealing center (Forex EuroClub).

What is the next step?

Start earning money right now. To do so:

  1. Register online and download the full package of promo-materials for free.
    We regret, but registration is available for Russian partners only yet. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact
    INT Corp. (Russia):
    Aurus Group (Australia):
  2. Download the software with your Promo-code embedded, as well as access to online statistics.
  3. Publish and promote Mobile Forex at your WAP and WEB resources.
  4. Engage your own partners to the Mobile Forex B2B Partnership Program and get more rich!
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