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Intelligent Network Technologies is a an art developing studio of pixel art graphics for wireless and mobile platforms.

Quality graphics - is a face of any successful project. And it's up to 80% of any game project. We offer high quality art development of the finest pixel art graphics to our valued partners.

The best pixel artists are working with us, offering you quality and creativity you need for your project.

Examples of our artists works

Our Technology

The pixel-art technology is widely used while creating graphics for mobile devices, both static images and animated scenes.

Our animation of character sprites of any complexity equals the classic Disney's, Dreamworks' and Pixar's animation in quality.

  • The movements exactly reproduce the character's temper.
  • The animation conforms to the predefined optimization requirements. The number of colors and frames are specified in advance.
  • A multi-level tiling is used to create the game ambience. It saves resources and allows varying the elements of game environment and user interface.
  • 2D tiling and texturing and 3D graphics and modelling are used, including the 2.5D - pseudo-isometry.
  • SFX effects: explosions, flashes, lightings, flares, blaze etc. are used to reach the maximum effect.

We always make the animation as fine and smooth as possible.

Our artists can produce unique artwork for your project from a scratch or work with licensing branded originals.

Many interesting things are left off the screen: character avatars, sketches, various fine details that attract attention, ported graphics for mobile phones with a low-resolution screen and much, much more...

Presentation of the Pixel Art Studio

You can download a presentation of the Studio in Flash Projector format:

 Download the presentation in English (3,9 Mb in a zip file)


Inquiries about cooperation with our graphics studio can be addressed to

We invite artists to send your résumés and portfolio to

News Line

On June 21st to 22nd, 2006 the Second Yearly Business Forum and Conference "Mobile Content 2006" took place.


On April 20th to 21st, 2006 Sun Microsystems held the Sun Tech Days conference in Moscow.


On April 7th to 9th, 2006 in the "Kosmos" hotel in Moscow the fourth international game developer conference KRI-2006 took place.


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